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Perfect Formula Gel Coat Manicure - Holiday Set

Perfect Formula Gel Coat Manicure - Holiday Set

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A four-piece nail-strengthening Festive Colors collection. Each Gel Coat’s protein-rich formula instantly strengthens, seals, and protects nails so they can grow strong and healthy—no base or top coat necessary.

The Pink Gel Coat features an optical brightener that filters out any yellow appearance, leaving the nail and tip immediately brighter. Enriched with keratin, the main protein of the nail, they’re each an all-in-one base coat, nail color, top coat, and strengthener.

This set is perfect for all nail types, from brittle to splitting and peeling nails, to nails damaged by salon acrylic or gel.

Set includes: 0.17 oz Pink Gel Coat - 0.17 oz Clear Gel Coat - 0.17 oz Mystic Gel Coat Color - 0.17 oz Berry Gel Coat Color

Directions: Use as directed on packaging.

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