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Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum - 3.4oz

Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum - 3.4oz

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Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum is a fragrant blend of vanilla bean and rice flower with undertones of jasmine and sugar cane.  It finishes with comforting ylang ylang and amber wood.  

Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum is recommended for everyone seeking a daily escape from the grind.  It works with your natural hormones and aroma to emit that is distinctly yours while also being distinctly Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum.


  • Warm fragrance with sweetness and floral notes as well as a warm, wood finish
  • Genuine gold bees adorn the beautiful glass package with blue accents
  • A fragrant escape for your senses with every spray
  • Uses natural ingredients rather than synthetic, chemical fragrances
  • Perfect for daily use or for a special occasion

Ingredients: Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum is a blend of natural, botanical extracts including that work together to emit a delicious aroma.  It includes distilled vanilla bean, rice flower, jasmine, sugar cane, ylang ylang , and amber wood.  The formula for Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum is confidential. 

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