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Rhonda Allison Drop of Essence Hydration - Pro Youth

Rhonda Allison Drop of Essence Hydration - Pro Youth

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Rhonda Allison Drop of Essence Hydration is a silky, soothing, light serum that quickly penetrates the stratum corneum, providing valuable hydration and tissue support to slow down aging skin. The composition and molecular structure of Omega 6 essential fatty acids are similar to human lipids and are recommend not only as part of post peel care, but as a daily moisturizer; increasing skin thickness, providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Suitable for All Skin Types.

Sizes: 1.7 oz and 0.5 oz

Directions: May be applied to skin morning and night after thorough cleansing and is beneficial with other nutrients and moisturizers. Use regularly when the skin is in a state of peeling and healing.

Ingredients: Omega 6 EFA (Linoleic and Oleic Acid), D-Alpha Tocopherol, Essential Oils of Geranium and Lavender

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