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Prevascar - 1oz  by Scarguard Labs
Prevascar - 1oz  by Scarguard Labs

Prevascar - 1oz by Scarguard Labs

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PREVASCAR is a brush-on scar repair liquid that delivers silicone, cortisone and vitamin e into the skin, and then dries in seconds to form a Nanopatch®. The combination of patch and medication stimulates the body to produce collagenase- the enzyme that inhibits the formation of scar tissue. (Formerly Scarguard Professional Gold.)

PREVASCAR can also shrink old, raised scars. 

How to use:

1. Allow the skin to fully heal after injury or surgery (approx 1-2 weeks).

2. Clean and dry the affected area. Avoid cleansers with heavy moisturizers and do not apply lotion or oil to the skin before applying the product.

3. Apply PREVASCAR using the convenient brush. Allow to dry (approximately 30 seconds). 

4. Apply twice daily. Use for 3-6 months or until scar is healed. 

To Remove: touch a piece of scotch tape over the film and gently lift. Repeat as needed until the entire film is removed.

Active Ingredients: Silicone for scar management, Hydrocortisone 1.0% for anti-purific purposes.

Inactive ingredients: Vitamin E, specifically-formulated flexible collodion.

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