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Promos, Deals and Giveaways

Don't miss out on Black Friday Deals and special giveaways that are landing in your promotions or junk-box, whitelist our emails.
​We've noticed an increase in ​customer comments that they're not receiving our email promotions. To stay informed of our promos and giveaways checkout this easy whitelisting step.
​How to whitelist an email in Gmail:
Go back to the Promotions tab or wherever you found the email you want to whitelist. Click on an email from the sender you want to whitelist. Click on it and drag it into the Primary Inbox tab.
When you whitelist an email address, this ensures the email shows up in your Primary Inbox rather than other tabs. You’ll also get a notification on your device or desktop when you receive an email in your Primary Inbox, unlike emails that go into the Promotions category.
If you have more questions or concerns about ​our promotions don't hesitate to get back to us anytime. We are here to help.
Sophie's Cosmetics Team