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Lira Clinical

Lira Clinical MYSTIQ Cryo Masque - Décolleté

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- discontinued until further notice -
MYSTIQ Cryo Masque for Décolleté, reduces heat in the skin, calming inflammation and regenerating a vibrant complexion. The cooling effect, combined with power peptides and our exclusive MASQ-tech™ Method stimulates immune function, restoring compromised skin of the face to a firm, tight, healthy state.

Essential for all skin types, our new luxury sheet masque works for Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and post-resurfacing treatments. 

Skin Type: 

  • Pigmentation / Brightening
  • Normal
  • Anti-Aging / Firming,
  • Dry / Dehydrated

To maximize your sheet mask benefits, you want the mask to cling directly to your chest as much as possible. If there are any bumps or wrinkles in the sheet mask, try to smooth them out. It’s best to gently press the sheet mask against your chest area, smoothing out any bumps in an outward direction.