Chemical Facial Exfoliators

Why exfoliate? First off it will improve your skin texture & brighten skin dullness. It evens out skin tone from hyper-pigmentation, melasma, dark spots, and is great at getting rid of acne.

Chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid breaks up bonds between your cell and increases cell turnover bringing new healthy cell from the bottom. They also send little signals down into the deeper layers of the skin that have an effect on the dermis, by increasing your hyaluronic acid and collagen production. With long-term use can help with collagen growth, improving fines lines and wrinkles.

Three major groups of Chemical Exfoliants based on skin type.

1) Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) are the smallest molecule and will penetrate the deepest in the skin and cause the most amount of irritation in the skin, best tolerated with Normal and Combination Skin and see the most benefit. An  SPF must be worn if worn in the day. Glymed's AHA Accelerator uses a combination of Glycolic and Lactic Acid to exfoliate and moisturize for dry skin types.

2) Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) for Oily or Acne-Skin Prone the best is Salicylic Acid. It gets deep into those pores removes oil, bacteria, exfoliates dead skin cells and good for acne. 

3) Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) are chemical exfoliants, and are considered 'cousins' of alpha hydroxy acids. They work exclusively on the surface, without disturbing the deeper delicate layers. They offer less irritation than their acidic counterparts. Mandelic Acid is a larger molecule great for Sensitive skin.