Save Your Skin this Winter Season

Winter can be a blur of skin-dullers such as stress, dry air, rich foods, and alcohol. Our favorite tips for coming out of the holidays (or any stressful season) with beautiful, clear, glowing skin!

Stay hydrated, drink enough water. Keeping skin clear and glowing means keeping it hydrated, both inside and out! 

If chronically dehydrated, this can affect our skin! As well as our mental and physical health… Be sure to start each morning with 16oz of room temperature water to rehydrate after a night’s sleep and get the body’s internal functions flowing smoothly. Drink another 8oz glass about 30 minutes before each meal.

Hydrate from the inside out. Indoor heating and blazing fires make the holidays more cozy, but can wreak havoc on the skin by drying it out. Give the skin extra protection and moisture by using products containing Hyaluronic Acid, helping skin to attract and retain water.

Give your skin extra TLC during the winter holidays by making sure to cleanse, treat, and de-stress!